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Bastar Art of Narayanpur

Prominent amongst the Tribal arts is the Narayanpur Art practiced by the tribals of the Narayanpur- region , India and is known the world over for their unique artifacts. This district covered by forests. It is home to a large number of aboriginal clans better known in India as Tribes or Tribals.

Wall hangings of hand crafts grace homes the world over, attracting the attention of art enthusiasts and the connoisseur alike.It artifacts usually depict the rural lifestyle of the tribal community, incorporating pastoral scenes with the farmer as the main focus.

Tribal arts

Tribals were surely the first metal smiths of India and they still continue with the ancient practice. These tribal artists create some of the most famous tribal imagery in iron -bringing out a unique view of life, nature and the gods, through age-old processes of metalwork.

Their process is simple - it basically includes forging and hammering the metal. Using only a few tools and a simple furnace of a handful of coals, they twist and bend hot iron into expressive shapes.

These home decor wall hangings profiles of different style and sizes have now caught the attention of the world of arts and crafts and hence find eager buyers worldwide.

The Narayanpur district specializes in the preparation of items from the Dhokra Handicraft. This process calls for a great deal of precision and skill. The artifacts prepared from Dhokra technique of this art use the cow dung, paddy husk and red soil in the preparation, beeswax being the most important one. Apart from contouring, wax wires are also used for decoration purpose and for giving a finishing touch to artifacts. From the Bell Metal Handicraft of Chhattisgarh in India, the real genius and creative faculty of the artisans come into picture and thus make for some of the most wonderful pieces of art.

The Dhokra and Bell Metal Handicraft can be found all over the world but the way in which the artisans of Chhattisgarh carve the things by the impression of their sheer dexterity is worth watching.

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