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Narayanpur is a District of the India. State of Chhattishgarh in Central Narayanpur is the District and Divisional Headquarter.It is one of the two new districts created on May 11, 2007. It was carved out from the estwhile Bastar district.Narayanpur town is the administrative headquarters of this district. This district comprises 366 villages.Narayanpur District has an area of 20.98 km². The District is surrounded by Kondagaon,Antagarh,Bijapur Districts of Chhattishgarh. District Narayanpur has population of 1,40,206 of which male and female were 70,189 and 58,379 respectively in census 2011. Of the total population more than 70 per cent are tribal people like Gond Tribe, Maria, Muria ,Dhruva, Bhatra, Halba Tribe, etc. Narayanpur District is divided into two Blocks namely Narayanpur, Orcha and Two Tahsils Namely .The Land of Tribals and Natural Resources, is also enriched with natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. It is surrounded with dense forests, hilly mountains, streams, waterfalls, natural caves etc. Here the art & culture are the valuable ancient properties of the Bastariyas.

About Narayanpur

Name of Tahsils Narayanpur and Orcha
Name of Blocks Narayanpur and Orcha
Name of Towns Narayanpur
Number of Villages 413
Populated Villages 572
Male Literacy 58.97
Female Literacy 40.22
Literates 58,202
Gram Panchayat 98 (Narayanpur-62 & Orchha-72)
Nagar Palika Narayanpur
Janpad Panchayats Narayanpur ,Orcha
No of Police Stations 08
No of PDS Center 76 ( Urban-4 & Rural-72)
GAS Agency 01
Male Literates 387,907
Female Literates 270,680
Revenue Villages 572
Panchayats 317
Revenue Circle 12
Patwari Circle 164
Municipal Corporaton Jagdalpur
Janpad Panchayats Narayanpur and Orcha
Population 2011 Jagdalpur 1,411,644
Population 2011-Male 697,359
Population 2011-Female 714,285
Head Post Offices                         Jagdalpur

Its capital was Jagdalpur, where Narayanpur Royal palace built by its ruler, when its capital was shifted here from old capital Narayanpur.

Later at some point in the 15th century Narayanpur was divided into two kingdoms, one based in Kanker and the other ruled from Jagdalpur. The present Halba Tribe claims to descend from the military class of these kingdoms.

Pravir Chandra Bhanj Deo (1929–1966), the 20th and the last ruling head of the Narayanpur state, ascended the throne in 1936, before it acceded to India in 1948 during the political integration of India.Maharaja pravir Chandra Bhanj Deo was immensely popular among the tribals.

A large number of Narayanpur tribals are still living in deep forests and avoid mixing with outsiders in order to protect their own unique culture. The tribes of Narayanpur are also known for their colorful festivals and arts and crafts. The Narayanpur Dussehra is the most famous festival of the region. The tribals of Narayanpur were also amongst the earliest to work with metal and have expertise in making beautiful figurines of tribal gods, votive animals, oil lamps, carts and animals.

Narayanpur, the land of tribes and about 70% of the total population of Narayanpur comprises tribals, which is 26.76% of the total tribal population of Chhattisgarh. The major tribes of the Narayanpur region are the Gond, Abhuj Maria, Bhatra Bhatra are divided into Sub Cast San Bhatra ,Pit Bhatra, Amnit Bhatra Amnit Hold Highest Status, Halbaa, Dhurvaa, Muria and Bison Horn Maria. The Gonds of Narayanpur are one of the most famous tribes in India, known for their unique Ghotul system of marriages. Gonds are also the largest tribal group of central India in terms of population.

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The tribes of Narayanpur region are known for their unique and distinctive tribal culture and heritage in all over the world. Each tribal group in Narayanpur has their own distinct culture and enjoys their own unique traditional living styles. Each tribe has developed its own dialects and differs from each other in their costume, eating habits, customs, traditions and even worships different form of god and goddess.

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