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Narayanpur is a district of India. Narayanpur has district and divisional headquarters in the state of Chhattisgarh. It is one of the two new districts that were created on May 11, 2007. It was made from Bastar district. Narayanpur city is the administrative headquarters of this district. There are 366 villages in this district. The area of ​​Narayanpur district is 20.98 km². The district is surrounded by Bijapur, Kanker, Bastar, Dantewada and Gadhchiroli (MH) districts. The population of District Narayanpur is 1,40,206, in which male and female 70,189 and 58,379 respectively  in Census 2011. More than 70% of the total population is tribal people, such as Gond tribe, Maria, Muria, Dhruv, Bhatra, Hala tribe etc. Narayanpur district is divided into two sections, namely Narayanpur, Orcha and two tehsils. The land of tribals and natural resources is also rich in natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. It is surrounded by dense forests, mountainous hills, rivers, waterfalls, natural caves. Art and culture here are valuable ancient qualities of Bastariah


About Narayanpur District
Title Description
Name of Tahsil Narayanpur and Orchha
Block Name Narayanpur and Orchha
Villages 413
Population 139,820
Male Literacy 58.97
Female Literacy 40.22
Literacy 58,202
Gram Panchayat 104(Narayanpur -68 and Orchha -36)
Janpad Narayanpur and Orchha
Police Station 13
No.of PDS 103 (Narayanpur 97+Orchha 6)
Gas Agency 03
Male Literacy 33,499
Female Literacy 23,172
Revenue Villages 413
Panchayat 104
Revenue Circle 04
Patwari Circle 55
Nagar Palika 1 (Narayanpur)
Janpad 2 (Narayanpur & Orchha)
Population 2011 Narayanpur 1,39,820
MalePopulation 70,104
FemalePopulation 69,716
Head Post Office Narayanpur

Its capital was Jagdalpur, where the Narayanpur Royal Palace was built by its ruler, when its capital was transferred from the old capital Narayanpur.

Later in the 15th century Narayanpur was divided into two states, one in Kanker and the other was Jagdalpur. The current Halaba tribe claims to land from the military class of these states.

Praveer Chandra Bhanj Dev (1929-66), 20th and the last ruling chief of Narayanpur state, ascended the throne in 1936 before accepting India in 1948 during the political unification of India. Maharaja Praveer Chandrabhumi was very popular among tribals.

A large number of Narayanpur tribals are still living in deep forests and do not meet with outsiders to keep their own unique culture safe. The tribes of Narayanpur are also known for their colorful festivals and art and crafts. Narayanpur is one of the most famous festivals of the Dussehra region. Adivasis of Narayanpur were also the first to work with metal and specializing in making beautiful sculptures of tribal gods, venerable animals, oil lamps, carts and animals.

Approximately 70% of the total population of Narayanpur, tribal land and Narayanpur is included in tribals, which is 26.76% of the total tribal population of Chhattisgarh. The main tribes of Narayanpur area are Gond, Ajuj Maria, Bhatra Bhata, sub-caste San Bhatra, Pitt Bhatra, Aneet Bhatra Amnit Highstate Status, Halda, Dhurva, Muria and Bison Horn Maria.

The tribes of Narayanpur region are known for their unique and distinctive tribal culture and heritage throughout the world. Each tribal group has its own distinct culture in Narayanpur and they enjoy their unique traditional lifestyle. Each tribe has developed its bids and is different from each other in their attire, food habits, customs, traditions and worship